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Thank you for visiting the online gallery of Wightimages.If you would like to make any comments please feel free and leave an e-mail address if you would like me to get back to you.I hope you enjoyed the various photographs of the Isle of Wight.

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Question   Isle of Wight
Come back Allan. We miss you.

- Mary Ellen 12/5/2014 11:33:19 PM

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Question   WightAuction Loves this site

Just want to say this is awesome, im not a photographer but I do have a camera, if anyone knows of a good screensaver I could get of the isle of wight please contact me.

- Louise Reilly 10/25/2007 6:09:57 PM

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Question   gallery
Dora forwarded this site to me - absolutely wonderful collection - life is obviously near the perfection marker for you over there!! Some of the photos take me back to 1976 when I lived there for six months - happy memories!!

Really enjoyed viewing the site


- ANGELA HEMPSTEAD 8/30/2006 5:38:12 AM

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Question   Very comprehensive Views
I have a confession to make Allan I did not have time last night to browse through your galleries, but have completed the journey today and I think you have some really good comprehensive views of the Island.
Thank you so much for sharing them with us :o)

- Angelisle IWDIG 2/5/2006 8:50:55 AM

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Question   Images
Brilliant photo's, but I suggest that you take some from culver cliff and of other landmarks. good work keep it up!

- Ian Dyer 11/17/2005 7:04:14 AM

  Answer You're the gereatst! JMHO

- Colonel Colonel  7/3/2011 2:42:26 PM

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Question   Love your work....
Your photo's are absolutely great! Living in Holland but having grown up on the island...... your photo's took me back home for a short but wonderful visit by means of your gallery! Thankyou!

- Laura Mitchell 5/3/2005 7:33:59 AM

  Answer I'm impressed! You've managed the amlsot impossible.

- Gracelyn Gracelyn  7/4/2011 12:30:53 AM

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Question   memories
Wonderfull pictures,they almost have a Branon like quality about them.
Having walked along the coast from Yarmouth to Totland regularly I could almost feel the crisp grass under foot and the cold air comming up off the solent.
Thank you for the memories,
I Browne

- Ian  Browne 4/24/2005 5:08:45 PM

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Question   IMAGES
Greats pics

- Barry Allen 4/18/2005 10:22:36 AM

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Question   Excellent Photos
Superb photos, beautiful images

- Jim Beam 4/18/2005 10:21:45 AM

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Question   Fab pics

The Isle of Wight looks wonderful - maybe we should all move there. It obviously never rains!

Happy New Year to you and Mary,

Love Eli and Andrew

- Elinor Hogarth 1/15/2005 11:09:50 AM

  Answer Please forward e-mail address.

- Allan K.  1/15/2005 2:00:03 PM

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